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    Graham takes pride in his work and finding the best fit for his clients is his priority. I was surprised that he himself interviews all the applicants who want to be a Domestic Helper and sets a high standard to “get it right first time every time” I believe it helps that he has many years in the corporate world with British Telecom and the fact that he is an expat brings the right balance to making it happen.

    We had high expectations and didn’t think we would find a person to fulfil them but he proves us wrong. We are very happy indeed.


    Thank you very much for your help. I also would like to thank you and your team for great assistance and service provided to friends to whom I recommended your services: Rani Mullen and Thomas/ Talita Hilse.


    We were looking for the perfect helper and we found her at Maids “R”Us. We are so happy and recommended the company to many of our friends and colleagues.


    With three young children (two of which are newly born twins) there is much to do and our helper provided by Martino’s Maids “R” Us based in Tanglin has satisfied our requirements and we are very happy with our Indonesian helper.


    Dear graham,
    I am writing to you to express my gratitude for your work and help.
    I found your agency to be very profesional and humane. I was leaving Singapore in June and this was a difficult time to place helpers with new families.
    Through your hard work In the uncertain months of Covid 19, my helper was approved to transfer. I contacted other maid agencies but they were not willing to help as with COVID 19, the transfer of helpers was not a good business for them. On the other hand, you were always willing to help and you have proven to know well families and helpers. I am confident you can find great helpers and match them with families working to always get the best results for both parts.
    Thank you again for your professionalism


    Maids R Us was initially referred to us by friends who were previous Xpats, our friends could not have been happier with their experience with Maids R Us so with that recommendation we contacted Graham and have been absolutely thrilled to be connected with a wonderful helper who suits our needs perfectly. Graham took the time to know us and get that connection just right. His experience and advice took the stress out of the paper work involved, he explained everything that we needed to know making it so easy to finalise. We travel a lot and know that he keeps a watchful eye on our delighful helper so should anything happen in our absence Graham is aware and we appreciate his commitment. I just don’t believe we have been “lucky” to find such a gem to help us, I believe it is the responsibility and commitment to his business that makes Graham at Maids R Us such a great choice when choosing an Agency to find that “perfect” person to come into your life and fit in like you have known them forever.
    I have used the Maids R US agency twice in the 7 years my family and I have lived in Singapore. I did try other agencies but none were as helpful, professional, quick to complete the paperwork and cared/respectful about both the girls they were placing/families they were going to be working for. Maids R Us were also the only agency that sent me candidates for interviews that actually fit the specification provided.


    Graham really focus’s on providing a service and took the time to listen to our requirements. The end result is that we got our helper and never looked back- she is great! and our kids love her!
    When we arrived in Singapore we didn’t want to use the maid agencies we had seen on the internet. They didn’t seem to fit our values and beliefs as people. However, we happened upon Maids’R’Us and have been very happy from word Go. The service they provided with regard to selection of potential matches of maids to our character and requirement was very good and resulted in a maid that we are exceedingly pleased with. We were helped with all the paperwork in a minimal stress, hassle-free process. Furthermore, we have been impressed with the fact that the agency followed up at regular intervals to ensure that not only we were happy with our helper but that she was being treated well too. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Maids’R’Us to other people, and we have.


    Thanks so much graham – lovely to see you – you certainly have one of the must difficult jobs of anyone I know…exhausting…but we are lucky to have you!!!


    We just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you and the rest of your team for all your help.As you know we were going through some complex issues with our previous maid and unhelpful agency. You were fantastic at advising us on how to navigate the situation and setting our expectations as to our options for finding a replacement.
    Graham and his colleagues were patient and determined to help us find a transfer helper. After almost a month, we finally found someone who is hard working, patient with young children, and is an excellent cook.


    Maids “R”Us are so different to the other agencies and even the office has a warm homely feel & look. We found a lovely lady to be our helper and we are so thankful to Graham to listening to our needs and matching them with the right person. Her cooking skills and caring attitude are wonderful and my wardrobe has never been so organised!


    “My wife and I moved to Singapore from the UK. We used Maids ‘R’ Us based on a recommendation from a colleague and we were delighted with the service and the outcome. They quickly understood our requirements, guided us through a process that was completely new to us and we now have the perfect nanny for our one year old son. We would definitely recommend them without hesitation”


    Thank you Graham for your fast and knowledgeable support regarding our move out of Singapore. We were so lucky to find our Helper through your agency and have now decided to bring her with us to our next destination.


    Hope this email finds you well! I wanted to send you a quick email to let you know how much we enjoyed working with you at Maids R Us. You were straight forward on all aspects of the process for me the 1st timer.


    It’s not very often that I feel the need to write about a product or a service provider but for the second time since my wife and I arrived in Singapore (back in 2012) I feel compelled to highlight the wonderful service that we encountered at Maids R Us.

    Placing maids is a difficult business – the needs of all parties need to line up to a high degree in order for the partnership to be beneficial, enduring and generally stress free. Of course getting it wrong can be horrendous and we often hear of stories through friends or colleagues or indeed the mainstream press of bad outcomes and the consequences./

    So what makes Maids r us different to the plethora of agencies out there?

    For starters, Graham the proprietor of Maids R Us has a deep understanding of the industry having worked in this industry placing FDWs for many many years. But, that in itself is not the only value proposition that distinguishes Graham and his team. Here are the main ones and needless to say the list is not exhaustive but based on my experiences alone!

    1) They have a thorough understanding at both ends, ie, the employer and the fdw. All employers are different – some may be after gregarious maids who are great with kids and have basic but proficient abilities in say housekeeping or cooking – whilst others prefer someone who is a dab hand in the kitchen with perhaps better than average organisational skills – some are looking for basic support with little interaction with the family. Graham and his team excel at this – they understand the motivations and the requirements of their client down to a tee and where a possible match may lie. Whilst many agencies simply view the placement as a commodity business where the more fdws you place, the more revenue you earn, Graham and his team pride themselves on placing the right people at the right place.

    Consequently, referrals to him are commonplace and amongst my cohort of friends and colleagues, Maids r us takes the number one spot!

    2) They care about the welfare of both sides and work towards improving it conscientiously – the lives of fdws is not an easy one – fdws can be involved in assignments that involve long hours and a full if not demanding work schedule. Similarly, the employer may be very busy themselves with extensive travelling or a busy work schedule. Graham and his team are always at hand to advise and provide support and if the situation moves into deeper water are able to help by mediating where necessary. On numerous occasions I myself have approached him for advice and it’s resulted in a proactive approach that has nipped any potential problems in the bud. Whilst seated in his offices for a morning I have witnessed Graham helping to advise and fix on issues that definitely do not fall under the normal remit – and when I asked him why the extra mile he responded “it’s the decent thing to do”. This has ranged from clients like me asking him where I can buy a fedora hat in Singapore to him assisting clients with maids experiencing difficulties.

    3) the service is exceptional and the pricing is fair and above all transparent. There are no hidden extras and of course if things go wrong and gentle mediation fails you have a swap within a three month period. Many agencies front end load fees on clients saddling up The Maid with extra charges increasing their loan to the agency and charging that to the client with an expectation that The Maid will repay the amount over 12 months or possibly longer. Graham and his team charges are fair to both clients and the fdw and in most cases the fdw will be receiving the benefit of their full salary pretty early on in their employment. Win win all around!

    Thank you Graham for taking care of our needs over the years and we wish you continued success. Thanks for caring!