Singapore offers a wide variety of maid services in Singapore, which can sometimes make it troublesome to locate the ideal agency to provide you with the best nannies in Singapore for your needs. Fret not, at Maids R Us, we make it a point to provide efficiently-matched helpers to our customers around the island. We are a full-fledged Maid Agency in Singapore and can provide you with best helpers. Being one of the few Foreign Domestic helper Agencies here, we are confident about our service and understanding of clients’ needs, which enables us to provide the ideal domestic help right from the start.

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    Regulations of Hiring a Maid in Singapore

    Procuring household help in our island city is an easy feat. Our foreign employment agency works for the client right from the start, and oversees the entire process to make it as easy as possible for you.
    Our comprehensive and dedicated service to your worker’s application process is also completely reliable, thanks to our focus on transparency. Maids R Us aims to walk customers through the entire process while simultaneously completing all application formalities with the Ministry of Manpower. We believe in forming sturdy relationships with our clients as well as foreign domestic housekeepers in Singapore. In addition to this, we focus on the holistic development of our employees and staff, and this makes us the right agency to choose for your needs. Trust us to make hiring domestic help an easy, efficient and satisfying experience.
    A potential employer looking to employ domestic help is required to fulfil certain requirements and conditions put forth by MOM in order to be eligible for application. This is a confusing process which can get tedious to carry out on your own. By selecting Maids R Us you can look forward to being guided along the whole process, which includes the carrying out of all necessary paperwork and other minor details.

    Providing the best full-time maids in Singapore!

    Maids R Us is best Maid Agency in Singapore that provides the highly experienced maids on a full-time basis. The maids provided by us are extensively interviewed and have a proven and verifiable track record before being selected by any of the clients. Maids R Us proffers you the unfettered style of working and it can be seen in the feedbacks of the previous clients. We are one of the established and proficient maid agencies in Singapore that provide their clients with the necessary training that will enable them to maintain a healthy environment for the maid at home. An agency providing Maid Services in Singapore will also help the maid and the client by helping them to quickly integrate the maid and their client with each other.
    A Good Maid Agency in Singapore is keenly attuned in all type of cleaning tasks like mopping, sweeping, dusting, dish-washing, babysitting and many more that adds elegance to your home. Maids R Us also provides regular follow-ups with the client and the type of work the maid is performing, whether it’s satisfactory or not. We also provide counselling sessions to all our domestic helpers. Therefore, a client can rely on Maids R Us to meditate on the matters related to domestic help.