An Agency that takes PRIDE in their work & ONE who really CARES!


    Graham is English and is using his 40 years experience & knowledge in people
    management and channelled it into his company Maids R Us Pte. Ltd.

    Finding the right helper is sometimes difficult and time consuming.

    I know because way back in 2006 I had to find a helper & the agency basically
    pushed a helper to me and it turned into a problem going forward.

    Well GOOD NEWS! We At Maids R Us will not treat you like that & the
    relationship with us will be completely different.

    Our JOB SATISFACTION is not based around money; it’s based on understanding
    your requirements & giving you a service that SECOND TO NONE!

    That’s our JOB SATISFACTION & my personal GOAL!

    Proof is in the pudding as they say so, like we have done for over 2500 clients so
    far let us deliver for you & your family.

    Come & work with us and let us show you how a GOOD & RELIABLE agency will
    work for you.

    We look forward to meeting & exceeding your expectations.


    Our Commitment is to provide a service to our clients that is second to none!

    8 Reasons to Come and Meet With us

    • We will listen & clearly understand your requirements
    • We will Put forward quality ilia l candidates
    • Competitive & Fair Pricing
    • Additional skills Training where needed
    • Free Guidance & advice whenever needed
    • Free agency fee replacement within 6 months
    • Ongoing service throughout life of contract
    • Nothing too much trouble for us.

    Give us a call 6733 2344 9186 6527

    or Email us at expat8888@yahoo.com