With the taxing and busy life that most people in Singapore live, it has become incredibly important for people, especially business owners and working parents to hire a full-time domestic helper who will take good care of the house and look after their children and other family members. However, hiring maids in Singapore can be a little difficult process. The primary concern that many of the employers have is the trustworthiness and ability of the domestic helper they plan to leave their house with. But with Maids R Us, you can keep all your worries aside and hire skilled and trustworthy full-time Filipino maids for your home. We are the most reliable Maids Agency in Singapore that is known for providing proficient domestic helpers based on your personalized needs, lifestyle, and culture

    Filipino Maid Agency Singapore

    Why trust Maids R Us Agency for hiring Filipino Maids in Singapore?

    Conduct quality selection: to make sure you and your family get the best maid, we conduct a rigorous selection process and deliver maids according to your preference.

    Professional assistance and consultation: choosing us means that all your needs and requirements will be properly looked after by the experienced staff. They will arrange all the important documents on your behalf, follow up on the entire application process, and keep assessing the performance of the maid to make sure your maid meets all your expectations.

    Implement a strict recruitment process: one of the reasons that our agency maintains a strong reputation is because we implement a strict recruitment process. Before final selection, we check whether our maids have all the necessary documents, have adequate experience, and a clean background regardless of their nationality.

    Prioritize customer satisfaction: the best part about engaging with Maids R Us is that you will get perfectly-matched helpers and have a reliable agency to consult anytime you want. Moreover, we go extra miles to ensure that your domestic helper maintains a harmonious working relationship.

    Hire the best Filipino Maids in Singapore from Maids R Us Agency

    At Maids R Us, we train maids before allowing our employers to hire them. We make sure that our maids are highly skilled, proficient, and can be relied upon to maintain your home for the entire day. Therefore, from Maids R Us, you get Filipino maids who are versatile and resilient and can perform all kinds of household chores including laundry, cooking, taking care of the children, cleaning the entire house, and beyond. Furthermore, they can communicate well, have warm and friendly behavior, and maintain harmonious relationships with their employers. Hence, get the best full-time Filipino maids only from the most trusted Filipino Maid’s Agency in Singapore- Maids R Us.