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Domestic helper agency with a personal approach.

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A harmonious home is possible only with the help of an efficient domestic transfer helper.

A number of my clients who’ve come to live and work in Singapore turn to our maid agency when they seek a Foreign Domestic Helper whose work is exceptional enough to exceed expectations. We work adeptly to fully understand what they need, so that we can efficiently match them with the ideal candidate.

At Maids R Us, we carry out all work from our office in Tanglin Rd (right besides Tanglin mall), and our experienced staffs constantly strive to ensure that your needs and priorities are taken care of.

Our agency also reviews the performance of your helper after the placement, so that you are assured complete satisfaction.

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Looking For a Maid Agency in Singapore?

Obtaining the ideal domestic help for your needs is a prerequisite for maintaining a harmonious and peaceful home. A number of our expat clients who’ve come to Singapore to work turn to us for their Foreign Domestic Helper requirements. We at Maids R Us can be counted on to surpass expectations, thanks to our status as one of the leaders in the domestic services industry island wide. We take the time to lend an ear to our clients and fully understand what they seek.

Thanks to our experience and skilful expertise in the field of foreign domestic maids as well as the transfer of maids in Singapore, we are equipped to provide exactly what clients require, and match them with the perfect candidate as per their expectations. Our agency is located in the heart of the city, right next to Tanglin Mall. We endeavour to ensure that our committed and experienced staffs always meet your requirements and priorities. We also have a service for constantly reviewing your helper’s performance, so that all your requirements are adequately met.

Choose The Best Maid Agency in Singapore

Maids R Us – A Trustworthy Singaporean Maid Agency

Maids R Us is an ardent and reliable agency that excels in providing household help for all types of needs and requirements of the reputable clients. Being a Domestic Maid Agency in Singapore the sole purpose of our agency is to see and check that all the maids provided by us are excellent in maintaining a good working environment at the workplace and has proper etiquettes while performing her duties. The basic tasks that our Transfer Maid in Singapore will perform are sweeping, dusting, mopping, cleaning, cooking, babysitting, care of elder members of the house, and much more. When it comes to maid agencies in Singapore, we are very vivid, varied, and one of the reputable agencies for all your requirements. Our intricately well-versed maids will always keep your home and belongings safe and secure. These maids are highly efficient in doing any given task effectively. We duly verify the maids that are provided by us and are keen on that her verification is done authentically.

Being an MOM-registered employment agency, we ensure that our foreign domestic workers undergo a strict screening and evaluation process – in order to deliver the best to you and your family. It is a matter of immense pride for us to be able to proclaim that our services and helpers adhere to a certain standard and competency, thus ensuring complete satisfaction for all clients. Maids R Us is an agency that seeks to establish lasting relationships with our valued customers, and also become the most efficient domestic service provider, known for its effective, reliable and trustable customer service.

Regulations for Hiring a Maid in Singapore

Procuring household help in our island city is an easy feat. Our foreign employment agency works for the client right from the start, and oversees the entire process to make it as easy as possible for you. Our comprehensive and dedicated service to your worker's application process is also completely reliable, thanks to our focus on transparency. Maids R Us aims to walk customers through the entire process while simultaneously completing all application formalities with the Ministry of Manpower. We believe in forming sturdy relationships with our clients as well as foreign domestic housekeepers in Singapore. In addition to this, we focus on the holistic development of our employees and staff, and this makes us the right agency to choose for your needs. Trust us to make hiring domestic help an easy, efficient and satisfying experience.

A potential employer looking to employ domestic help is required to fulfil certain requirements and conditions put forth by MOM in order to be eligible for application. This is a confusing process which can get tedious to carry out on your own. By selecting Maids R Us you can look forward to being guided along the whole process, which includes the carrying out of all necessary paperwork and other minor details.

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