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Thinking to hire a Full-Time Housekeeper? Here's what you should keep in mind to make the right choice

When feeling exhausted from never-ending household chores every day, hiring a professional helper to do the chores sounds like a relieving option. However, hiring a new full-time domestic helper for the first time in Singapore can be a daunting process. There are certainly various factors that you would like to ponder over before welcoming a stranger into your home. Thus, given below are the factors you should deliberate about when thinking to employ a new helper.


Hiring a housekeeper is a very common process in Singapore but it is not an easy decision. While a trustworthy and reliable helper will take adequate responsibility and help manage your home during the times you are away, there is also a certain amount of risk involved if your maid does not meet your expectations or perform her duties rightfully in your absence. For employers with newly-hired full-time domestic helpers, it may be a challenging task to completely trust the maids especially in homes with children and elderly. If you are a working individual and spend most of the time outside, then it is very important to be cautious when it comes to employing a domestic helper.



One of the most important aspects to consider before looking for maid services in Singapore is the total cost. Be aware that you will be required to take responsibility for more than your helper's monthly income and the total hiring cost may not be affordable. The fees of the agency, work permit cost, insurance premiums are a few of the expenses you must be prepared to bear once you choose to employ a helper. Ensure that you will be obliged to provide for your helper's accommodation and food as well as her medical bills. Although hiring a full-time domestic helper can be of great advantage to you and your family, the employment can be costly. Therefore, you should assess if you can afford to hire a helper in Singapore.


When deciding whether you should hire a domestic helper, you must consider the reasons for which you are planning to bring an extra pair of hands into your home. Homes where both partners work or have children, homeowners often prefer live-in helpers for looking after the family members and eventually the entire home. Thus, before employing a helper, re-assess your needs and your lifestyle to make a more prudent decision. Take note of the factors such as, if you really need a housekeeper in your home or will benefits of domestic helper outweigh the cost of her employment.

Employing a full-time housekeeper may look like a stressful and intimidating process, however, having a helper around comes with innumerable benefits and perks. Engaging with the right agency to hire a domestic helper can be extremely helpful in relieving your hesitations and headaches when it comes to employing an ideal maid for your household.

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