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Guide to successfully employing a new full-time domestic helper in your home

A housekeeper or a domestic helper is a person who regardless of her background, upbringing, education or culture, does her best to adjust in your home and family. Housemaids look after the entire household chores and various other domestic duties, therefore, helping you and your family in fulfilling a pile of responsibilities and eventually taking away the stress. Hence, such a person without any second thought deserves your attention and care as a part of your ethics and moral responsibility. Hiring a Full-time Domestic Helper is certainly a two-way process wherein exchange for the duties of your Maids R Us , you have to show fair-minded care and concern towards them to maintain a harmonious and happy environment.

If you are considering employing a new full-time housekeeper in Singapore, make sure you do your preparations well to make the work schedule seamless and smooth.

Patience is key

When you hire a nanny to look after your infant, then there are certain aspects that you need to consider. First and foremost, babies do not easily become comfortable with new people and may become restless due to this. To make the situation manageable for your new caregiver, you should give a proper brief about the habits of your baby. On the other hand, the baby should be given due time to gradually adapt to the new nanny. Therefore, both the baby and the nanny should be provided with enough time to become comfortable with each other.

Patience is key

Likewise, if you have hired a maid to take care of the elderly, then also the situation would somewhat be similar. Whenever a new employee is hired to look after these family members, everything should be carefully discussed and the situation should be managed with utmost patience and sincerity.

Provide adequate guidance and information

One of the most essential aspects that the employer should be prepared with is informing the helper about the household items and appliances to make them familiar with the electrical gadgets and several other apparatus. It is extremely important to help her learn and operate these technological tools and be with her while she learns to use these appliances without hesitation.

Similarly, if you want your maid to be able to cater to your unique needs with regards to cooking, cleaning, dusting or any other household chores, inform and guide her properly along with framing a specific work schedule so that she performs her duty with more accuracy and efficiency. Make sure you do not impose any extra chore on the maid that has not been mentioned in the job agreement.

Live by rules and instructions

Provide a detailed instruction about her responsibilities and rules that are usually followed in your home and are a part of your lifestyle and culture. Ensure that your maid understands the importance of courtesy and environment that has to be maintained within your home.

The employer also needs to understand that working style usually differs from person to person. In case you feel your maid is not able to follow your instructions, instead of complaining, try to amicably settle the matter and make her understand while not losing your temper. Also, do not forget to give them compliment or rewards as a token of motivation and morale booster if they do their job well.

On-time discussions

On-time discussions

It is natural for any human to take a certain amount of time to perfectly adjust to the new environment. As an employer, you should give your helpers enough time to understand and adapt to your household and family. If they fail to fulfil your expectation, never refrain from discussing the problem as it will help you find a suitable solution.

Last words

It is imperative to maintain a healthy relationship with your helpers. Your kind behaviour towards your maid will determine the performance of your maid and make her put extra efforts to satisfy your domestic needs and requirements. A contented and respected Full-time Domestic Helper will not only complete the domestic chores but also keep the family environment happy and peaceful.

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